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Don't make boring merch.
Make 3D printed jewelry.

Cloud Factory helps creators, brands, and artists effortlessly launch their personal branded jewelry merchandise.

Explore the future of craftsmanship with 3D printed silver—a fusion of innovation and elegance, redefining the possibilities in fine jewelry.

Made with Cloud Factory

Next gen jewelry merchandise in process . . .

Launch your personal jewelry merchandise

Your brand, your statement, your ideas

Unique, planet friendly, high quality merch

We’ll take care everything from design to fulfillment

We handle everything from design to fulfillment

Unique design

We'll offer you design ideas you haven't even dreamed about and will help you launch to market faster than ever.

White label

High-quality recycled custom packaging that complements your jewlery and speaks for your brand.

No minimum quantity

Only what you need, and when you need it.

Drop shipping

All-in-one drop shipping helping you reduce costs and reap more profits without doing anything.

No Cloud Factory
without the planet

We are introducing green technologies to a highly pollutive jewelry industry. Our strategies and eco-friendly solutions lead the way to a more sustainable jewelry industry.

Sustainable technology

Nearly zero waste, only what you need, when you need it

100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Plastic-free packaging

Made to last

We work with creative minds of any kind











How it works

Idea concept

Send us your idea, even as a napkin sketch

Product design

We’ll help with the design of the jewelry

3D modeling

We’ll handle the technical 3D model creation

Sample 3D print

We’ll send sample prints of the jewelry

Branded packages

Jewelry will arrive in custom branded packages with your logo

Product launch

Launch your custom-made jewelry on your store or elsewhere

On demand manufacturing

no minimum orders, no inventory hassle and good for our planet

Drop shipping

Around the world service

In case you were wondering about...

How long does it take to get started?

Usually the whole process from design concept to sample shipping takes about 14 days.

What is your typical process?

First we find some common ideas for the jewelry. After we have agreed on the designs we create the digital and physical product. You'll get the ready to sell product in a branded box and we are ready to launch your first jewelry product!

Do you work on a fixed-price basis or time and material?

We usually charge a one-time fee for a 3D modelling service. Average model prices are around 50-150 dollars. Price of the model depends on the design complexity. Product will be designed to fit your preferred price point. One launched, you'll pay a fixed price per item.

What is the minimum order quantity?

It's 1! You can literally order products one-by-one as they are being ordered. We manufacture the product in maximum 14 days and either ship it to your distribution center or straight to the lucky new jewelry owner. Or, if you feel safer to have an inventory and send the product out yourself, we can definitely make large and small bulk orders happen too.

Do you guys work with big companies only? I am a sole content creator.

We love working with creative minds - doesn't matter if you have 10 or 10M followers - we're gonna create something awesome and unique together!

Can you ship it to my country and how much time does it take?

We ship our products globally. With express shipping your product will travel the world within maximum 72 hours. With standard shipping it will take it's time to explore and reaches the destination within 2 weeks.

Collaboration with Netflix

Collaboration with Alan Walker

Level up your merchandise with sustainable jewelry

Cloud Factory helps you launch your personal branded jewelry merchandise without any effort, up-front payments or inventory issues.

Fulfilment & Drop-Shipping Services

Personalised Packaging

Unimagined custom jewelry, the design possibilities are limitless