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How it's made

100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver, 80% smaller carbon footprint, plastic-free packaging and recyclability made possible with tech

3D Print Starts with Design

Send us your idea concept and we will help plan into a functional jewelry. We will help with the design of the jewelry and handle the technical 3D model creation. Direct to metal printing allows us to craft very elaborate shapes with ease.

Start from just a sketch or an idea

Unimagined freedom of design

We can work with your team and help with all steps of the process

​Then comes creation

After the design process, we will send a 3D printed sample of the jewelry. Once confirmed, we will begin manufacturing in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our unique method of direct to metal 3D printing technology allows to produce fine-jewelry in a manner that produces nearly zero waste.

Custom branded packages

White label production

100% ethically sourced recycled 925 Sterling Silver

80% smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional jewelry

YSOB necklace 3D printed for DDE
coryxkenshin 3d printed samurai necklace

We fulfill and ship

Your jewelry will arrive in custom branded packages with your logo. There is no minimum quantity for orders and we are also able to provide on-demand drop-shipping service.

No minimum quantity

On-demand jewelry manufacturing

Drop shipping jewelry

Worldwide shipping

Sustainable recycled packaging

Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Small changes have big impacts
Silver 3D print made by Cloud Factory.
Feature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature image

Cloud Factory has saved us hundreds of hours of work. We're able to spin up jewelry faster and more unique.

Unwanted store

In case you were wondering about...

Do I need to make a 3D model?

We will create the 3D model for you. If you wish to use your personal 3D model, we'll make that work as well.

Do you offer products from any other types of metal?

offer premium fine jewelry and use only precious metals for printing. Silver is easily polished, luxurious and planet friendly as we use recycled silver for our products. We are definitely planning to add gold to our material selection.

Is print-on-demand jewelry sustainable?

Using direct to metal 3D printing technology enables us to cut many resourceful steps of the jewelry manufacturing processes. We manufacture fast, so there's no need for any inventory. Additive manufacturing uses less material and creates near zero waste that can all be recycled. So yes - 3D printing is planet friendly, and that's awesome!

Is drop shipping sustainable?

Ofcourse! Why spend time and resources plus increase your carbon footprint to ship your items to your distribution center just so you can ship them once again... With drop shipping we'll save both - your precious time and our precious earth.

Who is Cloud Factory for?

We offer our fully managed service to everybody who wishes to create their custom jewelry products. Whether you are a social media persona, a fashion brand, jewelry brand, musician or a large merchandise agency looking for fire new merch for their clients - we want to create something awesome with you!

Is 3D printed silver jewelry looking somehow different from the traditional jewelry?

There is no visible difference between traditionally manufactured and 3D printed jewelry. The only difference can be in the design as direct 3D printing enables to create textures and structures that are otherwise impossible to make.

Level up your merchandise with sustainable jewelry

Cloud Factory helps you launch your personal branded jewelry merchandise without any effort, up-front payments or inventory issues.

Fulfilment & Drop-Shipping Services

Personalised Packaging

Unimagined custom jewelry, the design possibilities are limitless