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A ring as beautiful as your music.

Cloud Factory

— We’re a metal 3D printing company specializing in mass manufacturing of precious metal products.

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Our story began in 2018, whilst working for TalTec University in Tallinn, Estonia. Our talented team developed unique precious metal printing parameters. This enables us to produce fast & sustainable high quality fine-jewelry.

We where lucky to bump into a celebrity enlightening us to start down a path of a whole new audience. It's the missing element in merchandise stores, unique and sustainable jewelry items.

Our story began in 2018, whilst two of our founders were working for TalTec University in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our founders were lucky to bump into a celebrity in search of cool merchandise who enlightening him to start a whole new path with a whole new audience.

We managed to develop unique printing parameters that created high quality fine jewelry in a fast and cost-efficient manner, without using any molding or casting.

After the first client's shop took of we started to offer our jewelry manufacturing service to other artists who immediately were super excited about the possibility. And the rest is history...

Meet the Cloud Factory team

Taavi Kikas
CEO and Founder

The serial entrepreneur who has worked in the field of 3D printing for over a decade developing 3D printing software and educating others about the benefits of this revolutionary technology. He's the visionary of Cloud Factory breaching the planet friendly jewelry industry to the creators’ community.

Marek Jõeleht
CTO and Co-founder

A young genius with a PhD in powdered materials. His knowledge of metal 3D printing technology enables us to use direct 3D printing for mass manufacturing silver jewelry and change the jewelry industry forever.

Kati Kask
COO - and co-founder

She is the one keeping an eye on everything that needs to be going on from day to day to keep this party going. An experienced project manager and a marketing wizard with previous experience in entertainment business and media. She played a great role in building the concept of Cloud Factory.

Erik Karu

Erik was born into a family of great business instincts. He is experienced in precious metal industry, cryptocurrency, igaming and invested in Cloud Factory on day 1. He is leading our corporate projects and managing partner relationships.

Level up your merchandise with sustainable jewelry

Cloud Factory helps you launch your personal branded jewelry merchandise without any effort, up-front payments or inventory issues.

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Unimagined custom jewelry, the design possibilities are limitless