Cloud Factory helps creators, brands and artists launch their personal branded jewelry merchandise without any effort, up-front payments or inventory issues. 


We offer fully managed service dealing with everything from idea, concept and branded product to on-demand manufacturing, branded packaging and drop-shipping.


We have created revolutionary production method using metal 3D printing that enables us to offer fast fine-jewelry for the first time!

 Cloud Factory was born in 2018 when four young entrepreneur at heart people came together to pursuit their dreams of changing the world and achieving something amazing together. While working for TalTec University in Tallinn, Estonia our specialized team of designers, developers and scientists managed to develop our unique precious metal printing parameters that enable us to create high quality fine-jewelry fast and sustainably without using any molding or casting.  While starting with only one celebrity we met by luck we quickly understood that offering branded fine jewelry items for celebrities merchandise stores is opening the jewelry market up to an whole new audience and was that something missing form the merchandise stores.  

Our goal is to build a decentralized manufacturing network of fully automated on-demand 3D printing hubs that offer fast, affordable and sustainable fine jewelry for brands and new age celebrities.


Cloud Factory is modernizing the fine jewelry manufacturing technologies by matching the production needs of modern ecommerce models and creating simple but exciting online solutions for brands and their customers to interact with jewelry merchandise while creating, buying or selling.


Take your merch to the next level with sustainable fine-jewelry

Our fully managed merch service will take care of everything from your branded design to packaging and drop-shipping. 




The serial entrepreneur who has worked in the field of

3D printing for over a decade developing 3D printing software and educating others about the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

 He's the visionary of 

Cloud Factory. 




A young genius with a PhD in powdered materials. His knowledge of this technology enables us to use direct 3D printing for our silver jewelry manufacturing and change the jewelry industry forever.




She is the one responsible of all the unique designs and keeping an eye on everything that's trending. An experienced project manager and a marketing wizard focusing on entertainment business, celebrities and media.

She played a big role in building the concept of Cloud Factory. 




Erik was born into a family of great business instincts. He is experienced

in precious metal industry and invested in Cloud Factory on day 1. 

He keeps an eye on the projections and results to makes sure our good work reflects in the numbers.

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